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- Leeds Music Scene on Josephs Well, 15th Oct, Ltd Addiction, Re:th Eborsisk, Fobia -

"As for the third band, Eborsisk, I would like to call them nice, friendly gentlemen, but I'm afraid that would insult them and compromise their hardcore integrity, so instead I shall call them "Some heavy dudes". This 5 piece from Morley is a very intense musical act, and quite an interesting group of people otherwise. When asked about their influences, I heard a number of names that I would have expected: Tool, Metallica, Slayer, a band called 'Pig Destroyer', etc. Keyboardist "Johnny Massacre", however, showed that he liked a little pop mixed in with his thrash metal when he added " S Club" and then fixed me with a look that could have been either the punchline to a well executed joke, or a threat to bite me on the shoulder if I laughed. I kept quiet. Their set was crushing and energetic, with plenty of head banging, low register screaming, and shirtless stage stomping. They're also appeared to be some extremely fast guitar wheedling courtesy of lead guitarist Jamie (who played the entire gig from the floor), but unfortunately I couldn't hear a lick of it. Though I think I did hear Jonny Massacre plunk out the melody from 'Never Had a Dream Come True' during their song "Death is But a Chore". Quite a tender moment really."

Ok, an alright review, but i just need to clear a few things up, as we sound nothing like tool, and whoever said that was one of our influences needs kickin, also, only one of us is actually from morley, also, "never had a dream come true" features nowhere in our set whatsoever, never ahs done, and never will there!

- Leeds Music Scene on Woodkirk All Dayer, 21st September -

"Oooh serious Metal! Argh I've never heard so much noise in all my life, although I don't pretend to be some massive fan of the alternative scene, I just like my poppy ska n punk, I couldn't help but be impressed with the amount of raw energy this band puts out. Can be compared to bands like Beecher and Dillinger Escape Plan, but that's about all I have to say as my ear lobes were about to explode, so I went for a kebab :-)"

- Mick From The Primrose -

"Fu**in' ell, Eborsisk, Fu**in ell, were mad out 'ere, it was mad just through there, ya know w..what I mean like, it was fu**ing, well fu**in loud, what a fu**ing mad Band, lets here it for em again YEAH, GO ON!!!"

I do have this quote on MP3, if anyone wants it then feel free to ask, as it is pretty funny :-)