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The Fallen

- Biography -

Eborsisk started in the summer of 2001,. Me (Dan) and Jon have known each other for as long as I can remember, I had been playing guitar for a few years and Jon had recently taken up playing bass, so it seemed obvious that we should start a band. After a couple of months of waiting for replies to adverts we had posted up I got a phone call from Mike, saying he had been playing drums for a year. Although we doubted that he could be that good a drummer after only playing for a year we booked a practice, sorted a couple of covers to learn for it and went down to sponge studios. Any worries about mikes skills disappeared within 5 minutes of the practice starting as we played straight through the songs we had sorted. The drummer was sorted. Jamie joined soon after on second guitar to add depth and considerable talent to the band (as well as having long hair). However, at this point we had no vocals, we tried out a guy called Mike, and although he was extremely cool and enthusiastic it turned out that he couldn't actually do vocals, and I haven't heard from him from since before Christmas. We also tried out Saqib 'Son of Shaida' Mughal at the first practice but that also didn't really work out. Due to the frustration of not being able to write full songs due to the lack of vocals I decided to 'fill in' for a while. I soon took to the idea of doing vocals though and am still 'filling in' to this day. After our first 6 gigs we had to take a break due to mike wanting to concentrate on his exams, although what he didn't tell us was that his mum had told him he wasn't allowed to play two months went by with us doing nothing, when I (Dan) was talking to one of mikes mates, he mentioned that mike had quit the band! when we investigated this mike told us that he believed his heart wouldn't be in it anymore and left the band. Shortly after we found rich, our new drummer...we are currently practicing with rich (who is actually a much better drummer and has taken the material to a new, faster, heavier level), we recorded a rough demo on a 4 track in my cellar, of which we have distibuted a few copies and put Mp3's up online. We should hopefully be proffesionally recording some new material which should find a release around christmas at the latest

Dan - Vocals/Guitar

Jamie - Guitar

Jon - Bass/Vocals

Rich - Drums