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January 24th

Soz for the lack off regular updates but ive had a real shitty time recently and havent been arsed with anything, right, were recording a new demo mid february, which should see a release by the end of february if all goes to plan, we may also be getting t-shirts done, so save up your pennies kids. We havent got many gigs arranged at the moment, but ill be sorting some shortly once weve sorted the set out (i wanna get some new songs down, and make the old ones better and stuff) so yeah, im also gonna try and redesign the website if i can find the time. Hopefully 2003 will be a bigger, better year for us, hope to see ya all soon. DAN


OK, so i know its not halloween until tommorow but anyway, this news update gets dedicated to Ben, for actually ringing me from Ireland and telling me to update the site, are you happy now??! ok, we played a few more gigs recently, some were great, some not so great, I still dont know when were going to be recording stuff, it might be in two seperate sessions (hopefully we mght win the morley battle of the bands on saturday and so win some free recording time :-) ), so a cd might not actually be released until around christmas time. Were currently still working on new material which is much better and should be ready in time for recording.. Jay, who was doing samples and stuff seems to have left the band as we havent heard form him in a while, and he didnt turn up to our last two gigs ah well. Ive updated the reviews section as I found a couple of reviews of us, yey! Big thanks to Re:th, you guys ruled down at jo's well. Also, mine and Rich's sideproject, Munt Victim, is going niceley, and we seemed to go down well at woodkirk..ok thats about it for now, hopefully therell be more exciting news soon


the gig on thursday at jos well went really well, Jonny properly went ballistic, smashed shit up, bled everywhere, fought people, and it was an overall fun gig to play. The new song works well live, and im curently working on another new one so that should hopefully be ready for the next gig. we should be recording a new demo sometime this month if all goes well, hopefully it will be quite long, and will feature tracks off the old demo (which is still available)and new material, and a new member :-), so hopefully htis will be a good month in eborsisk history, our brothers shadow of memories are also recording their cd, which will no doubt be amazing and get them on tour with opeth, ah well

September 17th

For those of you that didnt turn up, we actually had a gig on saturday. It was a last minute opening slot at the maypole, tangaroa, eviscerate gig at Jos well due to freebase pulling out. We have a new song in the works which is sounding like our best material yet, and should be ready for our next gig (maybe with another newsong, so thats two reasons to turn up)


Right, we have a rough copy of the ep finished, but im not totally happy with it, so we might just post the songs as MP3's, we have some studio time sometime this month, so well hopefully have a properly recorded ep by the end of the month, we have some more gigs booked, check the gigs section for those, cheers to anyone whos been to any of our recent gigs

15th August

My internet connection keeps fuckin up so this might not get updated again for a while, were recording the ep this weekend, its not gonna be the classiest recording but it should hopefully be alright, the tracklisting for it will almost definately be "meaningless bleeding", "death is but a chore", "worship of lies", and two new, untitled tracks (which we've playeda t teh last two gigs). The ep title is undecided. We have a few gigs coming up over the summer time (check the gig section for details)and the cd will hopefully be available at these gigs, weve also started working on some new material which will get recorded at the end of summer, and we should hopefully be soon getting back the recordings of a couple of covers that we recorded for our mates music tech course (seasons in the abyss and rot). Once w have some properly recorded materal we shall post some Mp3's up online as keep on checkint he site for updates

7th August

I shouldve updated this last week but ive been a bit busy, the darkest hour gig was ace, and really fun, we also got some good comments of a lot of people, theres a full review of it on the message board (i think its the topic 'last night'). The split ep with shadow of memories is no longer gonna be a split an is gonna be a eborsisk 4 track ep instead, that shud hopefully be out in a couple of weeks, more gigs are also being planned over the keep ya eyes peeled

27th July

Ok, the gig on wednesday went reasonalby well, and was really fun, althought the sound quality for us was pretty poor, thanks to all the other bands (especially SOM who played a brilliant first gig)

Also, thanks to all those who came down, especially those 5 people in tha pit

were planning to record a split ep by the end of the week with SOM, which will feature two tracks from each of the bands, and will be available at a small price

Or next gig is on tuesday, opening for the might darkest hour (signed to victory records), From the ashes, and minority report, at the bassment in liverpool, if anyone can get down then taht would be great (check the gig section for details

We are still working on new and old material for a full length release sometime this september, hopefully